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Hardcover Books:

Your Lhasa Apso (1983) by R. Berndt

This Is the Lhasa Apso by J. Brearly

All About The Lhasa Apso (1990) by J. Cunliffe

The Lhasa Apso: An Owner's Guide to A Happy, Healthy Pet(1998) by C. Herbel

The Complete Lhasa Apso (1979) by N. Herbel & C. Herbel

The New Complete Lhasa Apso (1992) by N. Herbel & C. Herbel

Lhasa Apso(1995) by D. McCarty

The Lhasa Apso by A. Nicholas

A New Owner's Guide To The Lhasa Apso (1999) by N. Plunkett

Lhasa Apso: The Complete Owner's Handbook by S. Vervaeke-Helf

Lhasa Lore by S. Vervaeke-Helf

Paperback Books:

How to Raise and Train a Lhasa Apso by P. Chenoweth & T. Chenoweth

Lhasa Apsos (Dog Set IV) (for children 9-12) (2005) by N. Furstinger

Guide to Owning A Lhasa Apso (1996) by S. Kennedy and J. Zeppi

Lhasa Apso (Breeders' Best: A Kennel Club Book) (2004) by J. Cunliffe

Lhasa Apso Champions 1952 - 1980(1981) by J. Pata & J. Linzy

Lhasa Apso Champions 1981 - 1986 (1988) by Camino Books

Lhasa Apso Champions 1987 - 2000 (2001) by J. Linzy

Lhasa Apso Champions 2001-2003 (2004) by S. Pata & J. Linzy

Know Your Lhasa Apso (1983) by E. Schneider

The Lhasa Apso (1975) by F. Sefton

Lhasa Apsos: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nuitrition, Breeding, and Diseases (1990) by S. Wehrmann and M.M. Vriends

Lhasa Apsos (2002)by S. Wehrmann and S. Vanderslip

Guide to Owning a Lhasa Apso(1996) by J. Zeppi

Lhasa Apsos: All About America's Favorite Dogs(2004), published by the Editors of Dog Fancy Magazine
Take a peek at one of the articles in this publication.

Check for more Lhasa-related books at

Lhasa Apso Blog

Visit the Joyslyn's Lhasa Apso Blog!

Lhasa Apso Video

Watch the ALAC Breed Video about the Lhasa Apso. The link will take you to the homepage of the American Lhasa Apso Club. The video will be at the top of the page.

Lhasa Apso Health Issues

Read about Juvenile Renal Dysplasia (JRD)Research and Testing.

A test is now available for Juvenile Renal Dysplasia in Lhasa Apsos and other breeds to help breeders make wise decisions about which puppies to keep to add to a breeding program. Visit the Dogenes website to read the JRD Quick Reference Fact Sheet. Key elements of the sheet include "What Is JRD," "What to Look for in Young Animals," "How Is JRD Inherited," and "What Does the Genetic Test Tell You."

An order form for the DNA test kits is available on the website. (Pet owners should note that it is not necessary to have their Lhasa pets tested.) The test does not tell you if the dog has JRD. Its purpose is to provide a tool for breeders to use when making breeding decisions.

Breed Rescue

Interested in Breed Rescue or in adopting rescued Lhasa Apso? go to to find out what is available and whom to contact.

Interested in supporting Lhasa Apso rescue efforts? Donations are tax deductible. Find information at

Check out the Lhasa merchandise available at You can help Lhasa rescue efforts by purchasing stamps, adult and children's clothing, housewares, hats, bags, stickers, buttons, magnets. Prices are reasonable and proceeds go to ALAC Rescue. Click here for other Lhasa items whose sales support rescue.

Housetraining A Lhasa Apso

Need some good advice on housetraining your Lhasa Apso? Click here to read some great advice on the subject by Vickie Kuhlmann.

Lhasa Articles by Joyce Johanson

Articles about Grooming, Showing, and Other Things Many of these articles, written by Joyslyn's own Joyce Johanson (!), first appeared in Dog World Magazine, where Joyce had a monthly column from 1976 - 1996.

Breed Magazines

Currently, the only breed magazine being published is published by the American Lhasa Apso Club. It is free with membership in the organization.Issues are published online. One end-of-year issue is printed.

Breed Club

Visit The American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC) website to download a membership application. You'll need to click "The Club" on the left menu, then "Join ALAC."

ALAC dues are $35 for a single membership and $45 for a couple membership. Applicants MUST have two ALAC members (from separate households) sign their applications as sponsors. Sponsors must have been ALAC members for at least a year.

ALAC also has a new membership category for people who want to join but do not have sponsors. This is the Associate Membership. Applications are on the ALAC website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lhasa Apso FAQ
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Lhasa Apso can be found at the American Lhasa Apso club website. Once there, click "Owner Resources" on the left menu. Then click "FAQ." You will find links to many other helpful resources on that menu list.

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